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Event date:


16th July 2016



Cockshott Point, Glebe Rd, Bowness on Windermere, LA23 3GW


Entry Fees

Sprint Distance £28 

Novice Distance £24


Non BTF members +£4

Students -20%


Last Entries: Last online entry date Thursday 14th July at 9am. Entries will be taken on the day at a additional cost of £5.00, if not otherwise sold out.


Minimum age: 16 years on 31st December 2016.


Registration: Saturday 16th July 6.30am - 7.30am.


Race Licenses: Race licenses are required otherwise a £5 day license will be charged.




Registration and Transition open


Race briefing at race transition at lakes school.


Race start Sprint


Novice start

10.00 -10.30am (approx)

Prize ceremony at Finish Area

(Please stay to watch)



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The transition area is located at the top of Cockshott point; which directions will clearly mark for you...

Welcome to Get Set North Events,

Ambleside Sprint and Novice Triathlon at Cockshott Point


This Triathlon event in the magnificent Lake District which includes the excitement of racing next to Lake Windermere, with transition at Cockshott Point in Bowness, a cycle around the shores of the lake into Ambleside and back. The run takes you on a number of loops depending on the distance, towards around then turning back towards the Cockshott point. .


Thank you


We are grateful to all the volunteers who have given up their time to ensure the event runs safely, smoothly and professionally. We would also like to thank the National Trust for their support with the use of the venue. Thank you to the including Kentdale First Aid Services, West

Moreland Police and Windermere Town Council, as  without them this event would not have

been possible.



General Information



The event HQ is located at Cockshott point, Glebe Rd, Bowness on Windermere.


Car Parking

You will be directed to the car park parking which is to right side of the school building. The car park will remain closed during the cycle section of the sprint and novice event.



Registration will be in the race HQ. It will be open on 6.15am will remain open until 7.15am.


At registration you will be given your event pack, as well as your race number placed on your left calf. BTF members must show their membership cards (without this you will be charged £5.00 for a day licence). You will be issued with a race number and you will also have your race number written on your left calf. Your race number must be displayed at the back on the bike section and at the front on the run section. You will also receive two numbered stickers: one for your bike and one for the front of your helmet. You will be given your timing chip which will be collected from you at the end of your race. Loss or damage to your chip will incur a £20 charge.


There will be a notice board at registration. This will have a copy of the risk assessments, BTF rule book and Race Permit permanently on display. It will also be used to display information such as water temperature, general announcements and rule violations.


Preparing for Transition

Bikes can only be racked on Saturday morning. After registering you will be directed to Transition where you will leave your bike, cycle kit and running gear. Competitors will have their own numbered racking area corresponding to their race number. It is recommended that you 'walk through' & familiarise yourself with the routes to/from your bike from/to the entrances and exits of transition prior to starting the race. Remember to leave your bike in a low enough gear, ready for the cycle section. There is no cycling in transition: mount/dismount your bike at the mount/dismount points. You bike racking area must not be marked with towels, balloons, powder, etc as these will be removed.


Transition will remain open to competitors throughout the day. It is a secure area patrolled by marshals. Competitors may enter and leave the area by the signed entry/exit only. You will be required to verify your identification i.e. race number, with those on the gate. No one other than competitors or race officials will be permitted into the transition area at any time.


It is your responsibility to ensure that your bike is in safe road-worthy condition, before entering transition. Any bike that is considered unsafe or hazardous to the rider or other competitors will not be allowed into transition. All handlebar ends must be plugged. Remember to check there are no punctures or flats the day before the race and before leaving for the event and ensure your helmet is securely fitting.


Race Briefing

You must be changed and ready for your swim race briefing in transition and also at the lake next to at your specified swim start time.    


Transition Area
















Bike Route 

Cyclists leave transition at the top and head through the park to bike mount on Glebe Rd. You then follow the one way system around where you are marsahlled onto the A592. You then proceed through Bowness then straight over Crow Brow mini roundabout to join the A592 (Rayrigg Rd). You continue on Rayrigg Rd climb the hill which approximately 2.1% (295ft) at its highest point and then turn left onto the A591 (Sprint distance only). Novice distance will turn at this rounabout and head back to Bowness for about 2.5 miles to turn right back onto Glebe rd and head back to transition.


Sprint distance will then continue on the A591 towards Ambleside at this roundabout where it will be marshalled for 3 miles towards Ambleside. Upon approaching Ambleside at the lights where the road forks left cyclists will take the A5095 (Borrans Rd) and follow the road into Ambleside through the one way system (approach with caution as there are traffic lights as the high street begins) Upon reaching the top of the high street cyclists filter right (right fork) to rejoin the A591 to head back towards Windermere. The road through Ambleside is waves in and out so it essential that care is taken through the town centre.


You then head back towards the A591 until you come to the mini roundabout to turn right onto Rayrigg Rd (A592) towards Bowness. Continue for 2 miles through the town centre and over the crow brow rouundabout passed the marina where you turn right back onto Glebe Rd (will be marshalled and abide by the highway code\) back into transition.





















The bike course will be signposted and GPS profiles can be downloaded from the event webpage. It is important that you familiarise yourself with your route before the event.



Drafting on the bike section is illegal. This is when a competitor gains an advantage by cycling in the slip-stream of the cyclist in front. Competitors should ride a minimum of 7m behind the cyclist in front, except when overtaking. If overtaking is not completed within 15 seconds the overtaking cyclist must drop back. Static marshals will check that all competitors comply with the drafting rule.


In order to monitor drafting our bike director will tour the bike route in an estate car. The legal distance you should be behind the rider in front is approximately the length of an estate car. Additionally there will be static marshals on course monitoring drafting.


Transition (T2)

You will safely dismount your bike before the dismount line and wheel your bike into T2. Here you will rack your bike, remove your helmet and change into your running gear, ensuring your race number is visible at the front


The Run

The run route is a multiple lapped course for both the sprint and the novice distance around Cockshott point taking in the beauty of lake Windermere.


Out of transition runners take a right around the headland of Cockshott point following the pathway. At 0.30 of a mile, where the gate will be marshalled athletes will take a left through the gate following the pathway towards Glebe Rd and Bowness.At 0.50 of a mile runners will take a left towards race transition on Glebe rd. At 0.70 miles runners will turn left back into Cockshott point to complete a full lap around the point to head on on the next lap. Novice will complete 2 laps and sprint distance will complete 3 laps of the course.


Sprint Distance 5K’s (2 Laps)

Novice distance 2.5K’s (1 Lap)




























The swim takes place just off the shore of Lake Windermere. The Novice distance takes in 400m (following the green triangle) out to the middle boy. The Sprint distance follows the Red triangle heading out left to the first boy and taking a right turn past boy and then taking a right turn at boy 3 and heading back to swim start on the shore.





















Refreshments Stations

There will be 3 refreshments stations on course where fluid will be available:


Refreshments station 1: In Transition, accessible any time in T1 and T2.

You may bring additional filled bike bottles which will be stored at this refreshment station for a quick change of bottle during your bike section. You should place this bottle in the labelled box in transition when you rack your bike. A marshal will transport the box of bottles to the refreshments station ready for your bike section. This bottle should be easily recognisable. Please note we cannot guarantee the safety or security of your bottle. Your empties will be taken back to transition for collection at the end of your race.

Refreshments station 2: At the end of each run lap.

Refreshments station 3: At the Finish. Medical supplies will be available here too.


Cut-off Times

As it is our intention to encourage all participants to complete their challenge there are no enforced cut off times for the event. However, after the following times the medical director, referee and safety officer will assess the ability of the competitor to complete the course and it may be necessary to remove the competitor in the interests of their health and safety and for the sanity of our marshals. The following are cumulative times and for a non wetsuit swim 20 minutes will be added to each section.

Bike: 1hr 30mins

Run: 60 mins


Prize Presentations

Prize giving will take place at the Finish area in front of the pavilion  in the afternoon once most competitors have completed their event, which is expected to be about 11.00m. There will be trophies for male and female age category winners (1st places only) and overall 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize winners in each of the 3 distances. If you are expecting a trophy you must be present at the presentations to receive your trophy.


Race Appeals Process

An appeal is a request for a review of a decision made by an official. Appeals cannot be made against judgment calls [made] by officials.  Judgment calls include, but are not limited to: drafting, dangerous riding and unsporting conduct.


Appeals must be made in writing to the race official.  The time for a competitor or official team representative to file an appeal is no later than 15 minutes after his or her finishing time or the posting of the infraction, whichever is the later; however, the intention to write an appeal has to be announced within five minutes of his or her finishing time or posting of infraction. After this deadline only announced protest will be admitted.  A fee of £15 will be charged, which is refundable if the appeal is upheld.


Withdrawal from the Race

If you withdraw from the event at any stage before the finish, please inform an event marshal. This is for your own safety, and to save us from searching for you out on the course. If you cannot complete a stage, but wish to continue with the other disciplines in the event, you may do so, but you will be disqualified from overall results. You must inform an event marshal of this as soon as you are able to do so, and don’t forget to return your chip at the finish enclosure


Spectator Viewing

So that spectators can make the most of their day at the Lake Side (however this private property so you are asked to respect the landowners privacy and brier stud) they are encouraged to watch the swim section of the event and then make their way up to the Finish area at the school to cheer on their competitors as they run past the finish at each run lap and at the end of their race.


Spectators are welcome to line the roadside to cheer passing cyclists but should not offer any form of assistance to the riders such as offering drinks bottles or assisting with mechanical problems.



Competitors who are publically nude at any point of the race risk disqualification. For more details see the BTF Rules & Regulations. Please familiarise yourself with these. They are available to view on the BTF website: 



Toilet facilities are available at the visitor’s reception. There are also toilet, accessible toilet, shower and changing facilities in the Sports Centre, on the approach to the Finish area, and at the Pavilion, just past the Finish Area. These facilities may be used by the runners.


First Aid

First aid will be available on site. If anyone is in need of medical attention they should inform the nearest event marshal who will contact the Medical Director


Abuse to Officials

Any competitor who is abusive to a race official risks being disqualified.



There are numerous camp sites in and around Windermere, and also some off the roadside heading up the Kirkstone Pass.


Pre Race training

We regret that free access to the lake or grounds  is not available to competitors prior to race day



The organiser cannot be held responsible for competitors' or spectators’ property lost, stolen or damaged before, during or after this event.


And Finally ….

We hope that you enjoy the event and we look forward to seeing you again soon.