Ian has an expansive experience within the management of events especially with a specialist in sports events. He has worked as a consultant and practitioner specifically in the development of triathlon and duathlon events since 2000 where the sport was just developing.


As well as a strong knowledge and experiences within multipsorts Ian has published research papers in triathlon events looking at consumer behaviour from the impact of marketing methods on influencing people to take part in the sport.


Ian has a strong background in educating within sports events working at various levels having ensured that we have practitioners for the future to deliver multisports events.


As well as the management of the sport Ian has participated/ qualified for various GB Age group teams as well as being qualified at Level 3 in Triathlon, Swimming and Athletics.  To further support this he was the former Director of Coaching for Triathlon Scotland before spending a number of years in the South of England.


Ian’s  philosophy within multisport events is “A good experience within Triathlon/ Duathlon events is health and safety is at the forefront in the delivery as an event practitioner”.


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