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Get Set North’s Director, Ian Arnott is a Level 3 Triathlon Coach, Level 3 Senior swimming Coach as well as a Level 3 Performance Athletics Coach.


Ian’s specialism within the three disciplines is swimming having been both a competitor and coach for a number of years. Ian has been lucky enough to have been a Head Coach of a number of clubs implementing coaching strategies to get the best out of athletes to achieve their goals from local, regional and performance levels.


As well as the swimming specialism within the three sports linked to triathlon for which Ian is qualified in, he has coached numerous athletes and teams to achieve their goals in the sport. Ian also has had the opportunity to share his experience and knowledge in offering the strategic direction/ development for one of the home nations when he was Director of Coaching for Triathlon Scotland based at Stirling University.


Ian offers individual, group and club coaching tailored for all individuals wishing to achieve their personal goals within multisports. As well as this he offers bio-mechanical analysis, psychological guidance within sport, sports nutritional advice as well periodised performance programs leading up to, during and post event programs.


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